Chief Robert Henze has spent 39 years in law enforcement. One year as a undercover drug investigator with the Grant County Sheriff Department, Wisconsin. The next 25 years with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Wisconsin coming up through the ranks serving as jailer, patrolman, detective, patrol sergeant, Lieutenant in charge of the jail, Administrative Captain in charge of investigations and communication center and Patrol Captain. Chief Henze continued to advance his career being selected as the Chief of Police for the Village of DeForest, Wisconsin in 2003. He proudly served this community for 13 years, with final retirement March 31, 2017.  

Chief Henze served as the President, Vice President and Past President of the Dane County Chiefs Association, served on a number of multi-jurisdiction task forces and committees; the Dane Interoperability Radio Project, developed the Dane County Chaplaincy program, chaired a task force to develop a county-wide pursuit best practice policy, safe communities drug overdose initiative steering, and District Attorney Task Force to develop protocols for responding to officer involved deaths. Chief Henze partnered with Dane County Safe Communities to improve pedestrian safety.

Robert earned his B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Science in Human Relations, minor in Organizational Management Leadership. Robert is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, 188th session and the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Executive Development course.

Robert is a professional effective leader with the ability to assess the needs of a police department and community. He has re-engineered a police department that had low morale, lacked employee retention, was a training grounds for other departments, poor relationship with the union and lacked trust, respect and confidence from the community. Robert used the TEAM (together everyone accomplishes more) approach to regain the respect, trust and professionalism within the department and rebuilt the trust, respect and confidence of a community for their police department. All of the stakeholders. Robert looks forward to sharing with you the key TEAM Team comprising components to accomplish this.

Robert asks community and business leaders this question, “ Could there be events that occur within your community or business where existing processes are or could be perceived to be conflict of interest and biased? If the answer is yes, then the next question, would having a contingency plan in place to address these situations be appropriate? Intravaia can be your contingency plan. You can be proactive to conduct your research ahead of time and place us in your toolbox. We will be ready whenever the need arises.  Robert looks back at his career and wishes he would have had a more open mind and been proactive to have this resource in the toolbox for the entire village, “Nobody looks forward to these types of events, but when that situation arises, that is not the time to research out a consultant”. There is no cost by having us in your toolbox.

Robert understands limited resources, time management and being fiscally responsible. Intravaia can be the answer for you. Robert looks forward to meeting you to assess how Intravaia's fresh outside perspective, diverse services with its broad spectrum of experienced expertise can become part of your risk management team to prevent and manage risk.

Robert K. Henze rhenze@seattle-riskmanagement.com

Madison, Wisconsin: https://www.madisonriskmanagement.com/

Intravaia will be attending the 2018 WPLF Mid-Winter Training Conference (WI Chiefs of Police Association) conference 02.11.17 - 02.14.17 at the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells, WI.  Intravaia is a registered company with Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.  


Intravaia is listed in the Products & Services Guide with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

Intravaia possesses Wisconsin Professional License/Credential Number: 17243 - 62, Expires 08/31/19.   Intravaia is a member of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement.  

Intravaia conducts assessments of law enforcement agencies, critical incident review, policy and procedures assessments, complaints and internal investigations, disciplinary processes, integrity investigations, consulting related to adverse civil litigation, use of force/office involved shooting investigations and reporting/statistics, conduct "Detect and Respond" round table drills with key staff using current policies and procedures.  Intravaia also provides training in the areas of interview & interrogations, report writing, behavioral profiling, and how to respond to an officer involved shooting/pro-active approach and after action plans.  Intravaia works in partnership with the insurance companies and law firms that represent government agencies.  

Intravaia provides a public and private organization’s administration with risk management activities which includes, but may not be limited to:  identifying, examining and responding to risk-related issues and complaints involving facilities, employees and citizens;  managing or assisting in risk-related investigations; monitoring organizational event reporting; managing and analyzing risk management information (data); proposing, recommending and implementing solutions and resolutions to risk-related issues and events; following up on the implementation and impact of proposed solutions and resolutions; a general knowledge of organizational insurance programs; managing claims against the organization; interfacing with legal defense counsel and insurance company claims representatives.  Intravaia participates in multidisciplinary teams, standing work groups and committees for the purpose of evaluating and improving services and mitigating loss.

Intravaia provides or assists in risk management training and educational programs; complies with risk management standards for purposes of accreditation and regulatory compliance with the objective of promoting and enhancing the overall performance of an agency and minimizing losses to protect the assets of the organization.

Intravaia serves clients ranging from multi-national corporations to small businesses and individuals.  Intravaia will ensure a depth and breadth of experience to meet the needs of our clients, yet personal enough to maintain our reputation for individual client attention and responsiveness.  Intravaia works closely with law firms throughout the country in employment, health care/medical, commercial and construction litigation.  Also, Intravaia has extensive experience in professional liability defense and conducts workplace consulting.   

01/27/18 Latest issue of The Municipality Magazine: 


Verifying the identity, experience and educational achievements of a potential employee for our clients and business partners is simply the beginning. Depending on the role, proximity to confidential information and trust being given to them when they join an organization, understanding potential risks early is key to protecting the business. The number of lawsuits and countersuits in recent years relating to negligent hiring, IP property theft and more, serve to highlight the value of due diligence before any engagement begins.

Expert Witness Testimony:

Intravaia personnel conduct independent expert witness testimony for plaintiff or defense cases involving alleged wrongful deaths, use of force and officer involved shootings.  Intravaia will evaluate the use of force in such areas as private investigation, correctional facilities, patrol tactics, training procedures, and other law enforcement procedures, training and policies. 

Risk Management:

Intravaia conducts fact finding, and independent investigations of White-collar crime, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, violations of policies & procedures, violations of collective bargaining, and whistleblower complaints for public and private institutions.  This includes higher education, houses of worship, city, county, and state agencies.  Investigations  would also include employee code-of-conduct violations, criminal activity, and breaches of confidential or personal information.  Intravaia also conducts Executive recruitment and background investigations for upper level administrative positions.  Intravaia is an approved vendor with Dane County and the Wisconsin eSupplier Portal.          

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